Saturday, June 18, 2005

well. haven't been blogging for the past few wks. haha

hmm. june`05 has indeed been a very wonderful holiday to me. yea. i'm really happy to make many new frens & got to know my frens better. yay!

FIRSTLY. we had the sec3 camp. wow! it was fantastic. it has really been an eye-opener of wat my class & frens are. woo~ my class so united tt's one thing for sure. i love 3b1!!!

SECONDLY. emerge conference!!! EXTRAORDINARY! [way beyond the ordinary] woohoo! this is truely fabulous! i love it. i just hope it'll never end. i miss emerge!!!

this yr's emerge has indeed impacted me. i m now quite sure of my focus point. yay yay! hmm. this 3-day conference has really been a life changing experience. WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! i will make a difference in my marketplace. PLMGSS REVIVAL!!! woo~

THIRDLY. had many activities going on in cg. we had the sushi-sandwich making competition. then also had the volleyball challenge at sentosa. well, this is truely fun. haha. as for the volleyball match, haha, our team made it into the finals. not bad eh. then many of us played water captain's ball. haha. it was really really fun!!!

well. got tanned. but hope the colour doesn't make my skin look ugly. haha.

hmm. sch's starting in 1 wk's time. wow! tt's really really fast. i love june`05 & just hope tt it'll never end. sighs. once mention sch re-open, i'll start to yawn. haha. my HW. arghhh. haven't finish. help ah. i can't complete cos once i open my bk, i'll start to yawn. HAHA. ROARS!

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

church. fellowship at JP. shop. & wow. GREAT S'PORE SALE is back!!! haha. this time i'll shop like mad.

well, svc today was to touch e 7 pillars of society & e 4 levels of mindset. we will rise up & change e marketplace. With God, all things are possible. amen!

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

cos i'm present there.
anyways. i truely enjoyed myself during e camp.
went to sunlove home for cip.
did many good things there.
ok. we put up a performance for e ppl there.
went to asked ard.
well they enjoyed e perfomance,
though it wasn't tt good.
but everyone had put in lots of effort.
yay yay!
made balloons for e elderly there.
edinna our shifu. hee.
some were really very happy.
1 of them even asked for more,
cos she wanted to give to her grandchildren.
so sweet. wow.
half of e class helped to make e balloons.
then me & raina stayed to make more.
well ping wei helped. alrights.
i'm really happy to be there.
well, to be honest,
i was quite scared of those mentally disabled.
after this trip,
i've overcome my fear
& really yearn for this type of trip again.
i want to make these ppl happy happy happy!
woosh. start of e overnight camp!
assembled in sch at e hall.
kayaking, rope, orienteering.
me, did kayaking today at chingi sea sports club.
well, its was super duper fun!
morning learned e strokes & capsizing.
woooooooo. so cool.
then me & lala tried e capsize.
we actually plan to feign dead.
haha. how naughty.
anyways, tt lala best la.
can forget one. i alone stayed in e water.
haha. in e end got up quickly.
lunch break half-way.
after lunch went back to kayak again.
this time, we finally got to kayak in e open sea.
it was really really shiok.
also tiring la.
partner celina.
well, good coordination.
in e bravo team.
bravo team had to raft together twice.
once raft, means its stable & steady.
i sat at e back.
sun really had me tanned.
& e changi beach is super salty lor.
wow. e salt best la.
enter into my open wound.
it was very very painful.
but didn't really complained.
bore with e pain & managed to complete e course.
bathing time.
had to wash my hair outside in public.
most did tt.
shower rm only got 5 cubicles.
& there's like so many of us.
e ppl who bathed last very poor thing.
have to rush.
queued so long for e cubicle.
in e end ms tini came in & chase everyone out.
arranged us in grps.
grp by grp go & bathe.
more organised, can't deny this pt.
me & audrey can't wait any longer.
so we just walk into e shower rm to bathe.
haha. lukily didn't get caught. haha.
super funny.
in e end, we're still e last to get ready.
anyways, bus came to fetch us to pasir ris park.
camp site.
it was like how muddy lor.
eew. splash here splash there. eew.
chose our tents.
instructors assigned.
yizhang & yvonne.
they rockk la.
dinner came.
then did flag & discussed abt e gala nite performance.
reflection time came after tt.
& i shared abt having discipline & being considerate.
after which we had our sleep.
rain came at 4 plus in e morning.
shoes weren't taken in.
cos i was too lazy to bother abt them.
haha. shoes all soaking wet.
except mine. muahaha.
me raina ann & celina
last to go to toilet.
always late for tentage meetings.
had breakfast.
some oily fat noodles.
a sausage & 2 fishballs.
made my stomach ache.
went to toilet for impt business.
got our groupings for orienteering.
& wow wow wow.
covered e whole of pasir ris & tampines.
super tiring!
had burns here & there.
yvonne took our grp.
she's so nice.
treat us to many things.
we love her.
our grp was 1 of e last to reach a park for lunch.
had very fined colesaw, fries, fish, baked beans
it was like, ehhh...
shan't complain abt it being disgusting.
oops. just let it out. haha.
then after tampines went back to coasta sands.
camp site.
was e 1st grp to reach back.
still have to wait to bathe.hais.
went to e chalet for bath.
mrs tay gave us only like 5 mins each.
haha. i took 5 mins 19sec.
"fastest" u know. hah.
then went to discussed e gala nite performance.
me raina celeste jasmine & rj,
touched up on e flag cos it was destroyed,
by e rain this very morning.
i totally didn't know wat's our performance.
while 3a3 was performing,
me & michelle had to think of our thank you speech.
it was totally mad & last min.
we were so scared & nervous tt we cried.
anyways, still went up there calmly.
did well.
but i was totally rubbish.
ok. overall our whole did well excluding my part.
enjoyed ourselves during e gala nite.
went back to e tent to sleep.
& tt fiona QUACK came to sleep in our tent.
so squeezy lor.
me raina fiona ann & celina
woke up at 6.55am
when we're suppose to assemble at 7.
haha. rushed.
last again.
had nasi lemak for breakfast.
can't finish & threw away.
felt bad. haha.
had our last game for e camp.
its e team relay circuit.
it was sooooo fun.
this really showed our class unity.
didn't get 1st.
hmm, winning isn't impt.
wat's impt is tt our class has grown closer
& we stand united & firm!
debrief & break camp part.
assembled together.
then i found a "happy birthday" thing,
for e cake one.
i gave it to michelle lin as b'dae pressie.
cos ytd was her b'dae.
it was full of mud.
but she still very happy.
actually laughing all e way.
ok. b4 boarding e bus,
got yizhang & yvonne to sign on my shirt.
so sad.
hug yvonne.
bid goodbye & left e place.

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

woke up late. suppose to meet sarah to go church by her car at 7.30. haha. woke up at 7.26. not bad eh. k. was like super rushy here & there & tiny winy stuffs. managed to catch the charted bus to church.

church. was like feeling quite sick & stuffs. throat pain & flu. wah! super irritating lor. hais. anws. still manage to find tissues to wipe off those irritants. phew.

today's sermon was by Rev. Eddie King. woo. it was good. BLESSING. can't really hear tt well. don't know if its my ear-block or he speak to soft. well. doesn't really matter. still manage to hear. the drama was funny. haha. & touching. wow.

hmmm. then went to orachard to have lunch & fellowship. wow. 13 of us, joanna jeff evan fiona sandy angie chewy quanhan junle joshua jiayu yokeguan & me. gave leila a mother's day pressie. haha. shouted "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY". many ppl turned & gave a stare. haha. wat a YOUNG & capable mother. hee.

& of cos. she was touched. hee. anws. i was suppose to bring the pressie for her. but too forgetful la. haha. not my fault. ahhhhhhhhhhh.

anws. had jap food. then left. walked to far-east. wanted to take np. me fiona jo & evan. hmm. end up walking away because there isn't any nice machine. tsk tsk. lame!

then jo & evan took a bus home from outside. bid gdbye. fiona & i walked to orchard mrt to get her mother a gift. bought 3 roses. then head for heeren. woosh. was suppose to shop for some pressies. but there wasn't anything nice.

left for home afterwards. then met my 2 sis at heartland to buy a cake for our mummy. oosh. didn't know i chose the most expensive cake. haha. this shows i've got gd taste. muahaha. end up having my older sis to pay first. haha.

hais. can't wait for tests to over. ahhhhh. tt'll be after nxt wk. woohoo. hmm. joining POS. but fiona & sarah can't. ahhhhhhh. dont really whether we shld really join not. hais. but if dont join then will regret i guess. hais. TELL ME!

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Friday, April 22, 2005

wah. today's morning call was special. 6.15am sharp! i tossed & turned on my bed. cos i'm having a very bad tummyache. actually wanted to slp longer in bed. but the pain was so unbearable tt i ran straight to the toilet. whoosh. there it came. haha

hmmm. then went to sch as usual. lessons were as usual. at times fun. at times boring. wah. today a maths lesson copy the ans from the board until i fell asleep. scared to be seen by mrs soh. "haluuu" hahaha. copy until don't know wat rubbish i writing.

recess time. lessie had cramps. after recess i had diarrhea again. a bad one indeed. my tummy was like aching non-stop. hais. so ouchie. ROARS.

after tt had SS test. my tummyache comes back again. i ren until end of test. then had physics lab lesson. only used 1 period when it supposed to be 2 periods. on the way back to class, my tummyache comes back. went to the toilet again. for the third time.

then went back to class. ann ann then found a pendulum bob in her pencil case from the lab. haha. she told ms kang & the whole class laugh like never b4. HAHAHAHA. in the end she forced me to go back to the lab with her because i was the one who put it in her pencil case. haha.

wah! have to walk like from one end of the sch to the other end. so tiring. somemore under hot sun. TAN ANN ANN. haha. stop stealing the apparatus from the lab. haha. its not right ok. prefect somemore leh. haha. jk. it was just my doing. haha. alrights. i threw the bob & it fell into ur pencil case. haha. can't stand it. can't stop laughing. HAHAHAHAHA. roars!

hmmm. last period PW. then after tt went to compass point with lessie huiwen raina lydia angeline & sihui. ate lunch then went to captain cook to give angie bs. wow. its my 1st time giving bs. feeling a little uncomfortable. but later it all went smooth. yep. very glad. thank God

then after tt went home with lydia raina & angeline. went heartland with raina & angeline. while climbing up the stairs. saw elfton. say hi then bye liao. accompanied angeline to popular to get her cheapo file. haha.

then had to wait for her for a cab. hais. anws. she owes me $4. haha. joseph & yoz still owe me money lor. for lessie's prezzie. rmb to pay back!!! i'll hunt u guys down. muahahaha. im not tt bad la. unlike joseph. haha. bug bug bug non-stop. haha

hmm. overall today was great. the part tt brightens up my day most is when TAN ANN ANN OF 3B1 BROUGHT BACK THE PENDULUM BOB WITH HER TO CLASS. HAHAHAHAHAH. just how blur can she get. hahaha.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

woke up super duper early mans. 4.50am. slept from 9pm to 12am. only to realise tt i forgot to pack my stuffs for the next day. packed until 12.30am like tt then went to conserve energy for the SYF. slept through till 4.50am. ROARS. i want my slp.
tong pang lala's car to sch. went to sch to set up instruments n get ready. warmed up. boarded the buses to S'pore Conference Hall. sang the pieces in the bus to calm ousleves. then sang many christian songs to cool our nervousness.
n wow wow wow. SCH is super cold. went there have to wait for our turn outside. cleared all bladders. then proceed to the tuning room. after which we had to wait outside the hall for our turn to perform. everyone's praying real hard for our smooth performance.
well. there's not many ppl watching us play. n so this did not scare us off. only our sch teachers + band seniors + a band + others we don't know. whole hall was so quiet.
well. the walking in presentation was good. no mistakes. cool. when sir started conducting. the place was filled with our nice music. i wasn't at all nervous. just a little mistakes here n there. tt's all. we really enjoyed ouselves playing those 2 songs.
after performance went out of the hall. was kinda cool. took group photos. yay!
only 10 stayed behind to wait for result. the rest went back to sch for lessons. wah! most boring part of life. arghhh. but the full 3 periods i wasn't even paying a little bit of attention. was praying just so hard tt they'll come back with gd news.
well, didn't achieve as what we had wanted.
still, no matter what, we must all give our thanks to God.
He is the one who has seen us through over the past few months.
providing us with gd health & strength to go on practising.
to all PL band members out there.
don't get too sad n depair over the result.
whatever the result is, we must always be strong.
look on the bright side.
let us all never to give up.
continue the improvement & we'll get there.
hey hey.
we really did enjoy ouselves during the performance eh?
we still did it.
the main purpose isn't all abt achieving tt gold.
is all abt glorifying His name.
is all abt enjoying ourselves with our frens.
is all abt the frens we made in band.
come on, ppl.
nothing is perfect.
let us not only eye on tt gold.
let us all enjoy ourselves for the last time
with all the frens we love in band.
be proud of the band.
so hey.
there's still a competition coming up in dec.
let us really all DO OUR BEST!
whatever we do.
let us not do it for our own satisfaction.
but to bring glory to His name!
He is the one who strengthens us.
anyways, thanks to all my frens out there.
thanks for ur never failing encouragements.
thanks for being there when i needed help.
thanks for bringing joy to my life.
thanks for everything u all had done for me!

PL band members

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

woohoo! 2 more days to the end of term 1 :)

hmm. went to sch as usual. me n sis delibrately walk super slow so tt don't need to go back to class at assembly ground to sing mari-kita. haha. so fun lor. so we stand at the corridor to sing. then i said the pledge wrongly. HAHA. me n my sis laughed non-stop till we reach our classes. HAHA. so maluating. luckily no one heard.

ytd had announcement tt announced the best class performance n stuff. my class got the credit of no latecomers at all. HAHA. cos i always come on the DOT. so thank God. n when my class heard the announcement. they all looked at me with some stupid expressions. haha. too bad. i'm nv late for sch.

today's lessons were as usual. but i was super awake in class today. had very little sleep though. hmm. today during lesson time. were thinking of results n wat shall i do during the hols. have put my mind into studying. but have no time. arghhh.

whee~ miss kang's lesson rocks. had so much fun making lots of noise in her class. muahahaha. wish tt every lesson would be like tt. we called miss kang. jiang lao shi. n i said. jiang (loudly) lao (softly) shi (loudly). haha. n its becomes JIANG lao SHI! whoohoo.

stayed back for my dumb e maths remedial. just because i failed my 1st e maths test. arghhh. but its gd to train myself. hmm. then went for band individuals after tt. prac for 1 hr. stayed till 5.30pm.

played bball with angeline yuxuan sokyi n lala. play until lala's dad come to fetch us home all the way. haha. so fun. squeezing in the car again. haha.

lala then came up with me to my hse to borrow belt. HAHA. gave her a can of pepsi twist. for her fetching me home. heehee. kinda lame.

then was so bored ytd. so when to snip my fringe. today did the same thing because it was out of shape. hmm. result wasn't gd. HAHA. anws did tt out of boredom. sigh.

woohoo. can't wait for saturday n sunday to arrive. arghhh. wanna get my frens saved. yay!

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:[tan-outside only]

:[7 'daddies']
:[2 mothers-big n small]
:[1 gay bro]

:[dave =)]
:[security guard =)]

:[growing closer to God]
:[making new friends]
:[surfing the net]
:[talking on the phone]

:[getting sick-_-]
:[being down n low]
:[being alone-is the worst!]

:[for my dad to receive salvation]

`cheryl gan
`cheryn ann
`elana-[fat bud]
`genevieve-[thirsty hippo]
`genevieve-[mrs. t]
`hui fang-[FANGS]
`jie yun
`jing xuan
`joanna-[gay bro]
`kenneth-[juz plain kenneth]
`leila-[mother leila]
`liang wei
`liang yu
`lydia-[lao pokee]
`maryanne-["L" marylamb]
`melissa lim
`melissa ong
`melissa png-[kueh]
`michelle foo-[de m0o]
`michelle lin-[mimi]
`michelle ng
`michelle pay
`pastor yk.
`sheree-[lao lieu]
`sherrie-[crazy one]
`sokyi-[wu wa zi]
`wei qi
`wei ying
`yuen teng

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